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Experimental rock, venomous noise music, progressive baroque hardcore, putting a label on this unusual band is no easy task. A crossroads that brings together diametrically opposed worlds and bridges the gap between extremes, led by a female voice at a cross between incantation and lyricism, Helium Horse Fly offers a musical journey that oscillates between tense breathing spells and cathartic violence.

Line-up: Marie Billy [vocals/keyboards] - Stéphane Dupont [guitar/vocals/keyboards] - Dimitri Iannello [bass] - Gil Chevigné [drums]


Helium Horse Fly was born in March 2009 in Liège, Belgium, and is the fruit of singer Marie Billy, guitarist Stéphane Dupont, bass player Dimitri Iannello and drummer Tom Malmendier's encounter.

Back in spring 2010, the band gave its first concerts and recorded its first EP, A dispute to redefine clearly frontiers between devils and angels, an early digital release of which came out on April 19th, 2010, followed by a physical release on October 31st, 2010. This release was acclaimed by the press, and the track Lights won the PureDemo competition organized by the Belgian radio PureFM. Its successor, the EP Fishing for Ghosts, was released on December 14th, 2011 and met with the same reception.

In early 2012, Bastien Dupont took over from Tom Malmendier and became the band's new drummer. The group then started working on its first eponymous album due to be released on October 25th, 2013 on Dipole Experiment Records. The album was in turn critically acclaimed.

Helium Horse Fly has performed in Belgium and France (Brussels, Liège, Paris, Lille, Besançon, Perpignan...) and has done the opening act for bands such as Black Math Horseman, Uzeda, Overmars, Binaire, Aside From A Day, Generic, Lilly Wood & The Prick, ...

In spring 2014, the drummer Gil Chevigné joined the band and took over Bastien Dupont.



High On the Ground - Download
Lights - Download



Press photos:
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Live photos:
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16 Apr 2013
Mad Café (Liège, BE)
17 Mar 2013
La Zone (Liège, BE)
w/ Uzeda, Taïfun
29 Sep 2012
La Cantine de Belleville (Paris, FR)
w/ Spanked, The Brave and the Coward
28 Sep 2012
La Taverne du Théâtre (La Louvière, BE)
w/ Spanked
21 Jul 2012
L'Ile aux Trésors (Liège, BE)
12 May 2012
La Cour des Miracles (Besançon, FR)
w/ Maryjane
5 May 2012
Rock4 Festival (BE)
7 Apr 2012
Fayembois on Stage (BE)
30 Mar 2012
CPCR (Liège, BE)
w/ Teletextile
13 Dec 2011
Smile Café (Liège, BE)
Fishing For Ghosts release party
6 Oct 2011
Unifestival (Liège, BE)
24 Jun 2011
Caserne Fonck (Liège, BE)
48FMusic Contest
16 Apr 2011
Chênée (BE)
15 Apr 2011
Magasin 4 (Bruxelles, BE)
w/ Black Math Horseman, SardoniS, DJ Kool Strings
2 Apr 2011
Carlo Levi (Liège, BE)
w/ Overmars, Binaire, Le Prince Harry, Versus 2.0
26 Mar 2011
Mons-lez-Liège (BE)
w/ Carton, Lovelaces, ...
5 Mar 2011
Centre Culturel (Chênée, BE)
w/ Lilly Wood & The Prick
25 Feb 2011
La Vitamine Z (Wavre, BE)
Waverzooï 2011
30 Oct 2010
Centre Culturel (Chênée, BE)
Fool Part III Festival
1 Jul 2010
La Légia (Liège, BE)
w/ Alonzo Zoo and The Zoophiles
23 Apr 2010
Carlo Levi (Liège, BE)
w/ Asidefromaday, Generic, Terraformer
4 Apr 2010
Le Maquis (Besançon, FR)
w/ My Dog Ate My Homework
2 Apr 2010
Le Select (Lille, FR)
w/ The ExApe
31 Mar 2010
Inside Out (Liège, BE)
w/ Keep It Deep, St Marcel Quartet
17 Mar 2010
L'Escalier (Liège, BE)
w/ Sweeet Basil
24 Feb 2018
Patronaat (Haarlem, NL)
Complexity Fest
1 Apr 2017
Les Passagers du Zinc (Besançon, FR)
w/ 30,000 Monkies
31 Mar 2017
Maison des Ateliers (Baume-les-Dames, FR)
12 Sep 2016
Magasin 4 (Bruxelles, BE)
w/ Muscle and Marrow, Father Murphy
3 Sep 2016
La Zone (Liège, BE)
w/ Kayo Dot, Lodges
20 Jun 2015
L'An Vert (Liège, BE)
w/ Cyclo
13 May 2015
Café Central (Bruxelles, BE)
w/ Von Stroheim
4 Apr 2015
Kraspek Myzik (Lyon, FR)
w/ Garmonbozia
3 Apr 2015
Le Cirque Electrique (Paris, FR)
w/ Sarajevo, There Must Be Treasure
3 Mar 2015
La Zone (Liège, BE)
w/ Enablers, Le Chagrin Des Belges
21 Nov 2014
La Chaouée (Metz, FR)
8 Nov 2014
Domino's Bar (Lemberg, FR)
1 Nov 2014
Café Français (Vesoul, FR)
w/ Human Song
11 Oct 2014
CSOA Passe Partout (Liège, BE)
w/ Les Planches à Roulette Russes
10 Oct 2014
CCL (Lille, FR)
w/ Inheads
26 Sep 2014
L'Ile aux Trésors (Liège, BE)
29 Aug 2014
Le Garage (Liège, BE)
w/ Gâtechien
10 Apr 2014
Up & Down (Montpellier, FR)
9 Apr 2014
L'Ubu (Perpignan, FR)
8 Mar 2014
Le Cirque Electrique (Paris, FR)
w/ Gâtechien, Bras-Man
7 Mar 2014
Café Français (Vesoul, FR)
w/ Spanked, Half Inked
6 Mar 2014
Les Passagers du Zinc (Besançon, FR)
w/ Tractopelle In Versailles
13 Dec 2013
Rock Classic (Bruxelles, BE)
w/ Keep It Deep, Joseph
29 Nov 2013
CPCR (Liège, BE)
w/ Spanked, Animal My Soul
28 Oct 2013
CCL (Lille, FR)
w/ The Hanged Man and The Moon, Placard
25 Oct 2013
L'An Vert (Liège, BE)
Release Party
19 Oct 2013
Centre Culturel (Ans, BE)
w/ Keep It Deep, Joseph





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